Building Acoustics

Cogent Acoustics provide a full suite of building acoustics services.



Planning Stage Site Assessments and Advice

We can assist you to navigate the statutory noise requirements applicable to your site, determine the extent of acoustic treatment that will be required to meet any internal or external noise limits, and identify opportunities for cost savings through careful site layout and planning.



Building Regulations Compliance

Cogent can advise on the acoustic treatment required to satisfy Part F5 of the National Construction Code (NCC). Where the deemed-to-satisfy constructions of the NCC are unsuitable for your project, we can develop performance based design solutions to save you costs and improve outcomes for your project. We can also provide advice in relation to other design standards where there is a need for higher quality.


Our Alternative Solution documentation follows a structured framework that clearly demonstrates that a design meets the NCC Part F5 performance requirements, ensuring that the design specified is accepted by authorities.


Once your project is built, we have the capability to perform full verification testing.



Architectural Acoustics

We offer a comprehensive range of architectural acoustics services. From commercial fit-outs and offices, to high-end recording studios and theatres, we can assist in achieving the right acoustic characteristics for your project.


Our team can provide advice in relation to:

  • Speech privacy and speech intelligibility
  • Reverberation control
  • Sound masking systems
  • Design of walls, floors and ceilings to control noise between spaces
  • Design of building façades and glazing to control noise intrusion from external sources such as traffic or aircraft.
  • Control of structure-borne noise and vibration



Building Services Noise Control

Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning equipment, lifts, and other mechanical equipment are all potential sources of unwanted noise in buildings. Dealing with these sources can be complex as there can be multiple paths of noise transmission. Don’t risk exceeding the noise criteria or spending more on noise control than you need to. Cogent Acoustics can review building services system designs, predict noise levels, and provide optimised advice on noise control measures.



Green Star Design

Our people have extensive experience with the Green Star Rating Tools and can provide design advice in relation to the credits available for acoustics on your project.




Auralisation is an acoustic modelling service we offer, which allows our client’s to hear the difference that various acoustic treatments make to a space. Many clients find this beneficial in deciding whether or not to spend money on a particular acoustic treatment.




We can assist with integrated design of audio-visual and acoustics for higher performance and intelligibility.



Construction Phase Services

From development of construction noise and vibration management plans, monitoring of construction noise and vibration, to commissioning tests for confirming compliance with design criteria, Cogent Acoustics has the expertise to take your project through to completion.



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