Environmental Noise

Our team has considerable experience in environmental noise and can assist you in satisfying the environmental noise criteria set by the State and/or local government for your site or project.


We are able to undertake environmental noise assessments for:

  • Bars, clubs and restaurants
  • Churches
  • Commercial developments
  • Mines
  • Music venues
  • Industrial and manufacturing sites
  • Power stations and power distribution facilities
  • Residential and mixed use developments
  • Wind farms



Our Services Include:

  • Measurement and assessment of environmental noise levels
  • Modelling and prediction of environmental noise to assess noise impacts or determine changes due to various design options
  • Generation of noise contour maps and other visual representations
  • Construction noise and vibration management plans
  • Design and optimisation of noise control measures
  • Community consultation on noise and vibration
  • Noise and vibration monitoring
  • Expert witness and peer review work
  • Planning and policy advice to government
  • Wind farm noise assessment


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