We have a strong background in vibration and control of structure-borne noise.


We can provide detailed advice on:

  • Correct selection of spring, rubber and air mounts for vibration isolation of mechanical equipment
  • Base isolation for buildings close to railways or other sources of ground-borne noise and vibration
  • Isolation of swimming pools in hotel and apartment buildings
  • Control of structure-borne noise and vibration from gyms
  • Design of vibration sensitive facilities such as electron microscope laboratories.
  • Vibration assessments for road and rail corridors
  • Prediction and assessment of vibration due to piling, blasting and other construction equipment


We also offer a wide range of vibration measurement services including:

  • Attended and long-term unattended vibration monitoring.
  • Modal testing
  • Mobility measurements
  • Damping tests
  • Machine condition monitoring




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